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My intention for Morning Star is to help awaken our consciousness, to call forth that best and brightest part deep within us all. Each of us contains a spark of the Divine, and we are slowly rubbing the sleep from our eyes and remembering who we are. We are created to experience radiant health, serenity, abundance, and love. Anything else is an illusion wrought by separation from our Source.

Through Morning Star, I am honored and deeply grateful to support you in your journey back to wholeness. Wander through this space and see what calls to you, whether it is...

Body work such as Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy™, AshiThai™, or Hot RiverStone Massage.

Energetic work such as Acutonics™ Sound Therapy, Matrix Repatterning™, or even Remote Energetic Healing. I can customize and combine sessions depending on your individual needs and circumstances.

In One Heart... Glory Cato


Valentines Day is almost here so why not treat yourself to a massage... or just surprise that special someone with an Ashiatsu Massage. Gift Certificates are available.

I now offer Garden of Life vitamins and supplements. You can find all of their products HERE. Order from me now and take advantage of an additional 25% off the retail price.

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